Piano Tapered Muffler Rail Felt

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About this item:

  • MUFFLER RAIL FELT USAGE: The piano muffler is used for sound weakening.
  • SETTING TEMPERAMENT PIANO TUNING: Good accessory for quickly adjusting the temperament of a piano during tuning. This item is suitable for piano repair replacement parts.
  • QUALITY FELT MATERIAL: The piano muffler is made of 100% Wool felt, which is durable, soft, non-fading, and long-lasting.
  • EASY TO USE FELT: You can use it to replace a worn or damaged piano mute.


Product Description:

This Piano Muffler Rail Felt is used to replace worn felt on the muffler rail, which is the felt that is lowered between the hammers and strings to create a muffled effect.



  • Product Type: Muffler Rail Felt
  • Color: White felt
  • Material: Soft felt
  • Measurement: 3-1/8" Wide x 19-1/2" Long
  • Thicknesses: .037", 055", and 075"
  • Quantity: Set of 3


Instructions for Piano Felts