Quiet Keys - Piano Volume Control System for Vertical and Upright Pianos

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The Quiet Keys system is an add on mechanism that can be installed on pianos to help control the volume of a piano where it is needed.  It works by have a rail with strips of felt that can be lowered so that the felt is placed between the hammers and strings to help quiet the volume of the piano.  This is an excellent solution where you need to greatly reduce the volume because of sleeping children or if you live in an apartment where you don't want to disturb your neighbors.  The system includes complete instructions.  The only tools that are needed are a screwdriver, wire cutters and scissors.  Fully adjustable so that it can be used on any vertical piano.  The system mounts on the tuning pins and has an external control to activate it when needed.  Installation of the system doesn't affect the piano action parts or the tuning of the piano.  The video below shows detailed instructions on how the system is installed.