Trey Ivey Piano Instructional Series DVD - Volume One

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  • PLAY GOSPEL STYLE PIANO: This instructional video on DVD includes valuable information for those wanting to learn to play gospel style piano. 
  • DVD VIDEO SEGMENTS: Includes segments by Gerald Wolfe of "Greater Vision" and gospel soloist Joseph Habedank. DVD is one hour in length and includes the following segments:
-   Segment 1: Scales
-   Segment 2: Chords/Chord Inversions
-   Special Guest Joan Ivey
-   Segment 3: Chord Extensions Part 1
-   Segment 4: Chord Extensions Part 2
-   Special Guest Gerald Wolfe
-   Segment 5: Accompaniment
-   Segment 6: Piano Solo Lesson

  • HOSTED BY TREY IVEY: Hosted by Trey Ivey, a former pianist for the gospel quartet "Legacy Five". Ivey had been traveling and playing for the Mike LeFevre Quartet and the Old Paths before he joined Legacy Five in March of 2011.
  • PROMO VIDEO: Here is a link to a promo video of the DVD: Trey Ivey Piano Instructional Series Volume One



  • Format: DVD
  • Volume: 1(One)
  • Watch Duration: One Hour In Length
  • No. of Segment: 6
  • Hosted By: Trey Ivey