Kawai (Length 7'4") - Black Quilted Nylon Grand Piano Cover, No Side Slits

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About this item:

  • KAWAI 7'4'' PIANO COVER SIZE: Custom made cover for Kawai Grand Pianos. This cover will fit the 7'4" size Kawai grand pianos.          
  • QUILTED NYLON COVER MATERIAL: Our Quilted Nylon piano cover is an economical quilted cover made with material that combines a black nylon face material with an inner material of white poly cotton flannel.
  • WITHOUT SIDE SLITS COVER OPENINGS: This piano cover is without the side slits openings.


Product Description:

Custom made covers for Kawai Grand Pianos. A grand piano cover functions as an essential barrier between the wood surface of your piano and the environment, protecting it from physical damage such as scratches and chipping. Our covers are made in the United States using only the highest quality materials. 



  • Product Type: Piano Cover
  • Piano Type: Grand Pianos
  • Material: Quilted Nylon
  • Size: 7'4''
  • Brand: Kawai
  • Manufacturer: USA Made


Note: “Once we receive your order, we can ship this cover out within 3 Business Days."