Whether you are looking to become a piano tuner/technician, just started tuning pianos, or would like to touch up your own piano, these videos are designed to help you learn techniques and theory to get the job done. Our series, How to Tune A Piano, is also available on DVD and we have a free study guide to go with it herePiano Tuning Theory also has an available free study guide here.

How to Tune A Piano
Piano Tuning Hammers
Piano Tuning Mutes
Piano Tuning Hammer Heads and Tips
Piano Tuning Theory
Setting A440 to a Tuning Fork
Touching Up an Out of Tune Unison
Pitchraise Piano Tuning
Pitchraise Piano Tuning Demonstration
Using An Impact Tuning Hammer
Levitan Piano Tuning Levers

Featured Piano Tuning Tools