Piano Tool Case Checklist

A helpful checklist that lists important tools for every technician to keep in their tool case. Find out more information and helpful tools in this videoClick here to download.

Stringing Scale Chart

The stringing scale chart is for use when you are restringing your own piano or a customer's piano. You can see more information on about the chart in this series. Click here to download.

Guide for Buying a Used Piano

This list will help you check a used piano that you are looking at buying to see what it's quality is like under the surface. Find out more about what to look for when buying a used piano here. Click here to download.

How to Tune A Piano Study Guide

This study guide will help walk you through our free series, "How to Tune A Piano", offering helpful tips, optional quizzes, and extra recommended resources throughout. Click here to download.

Table of Partials for Piano Technicians

This list of partials is designed to help piano technicians easily see which partials are how far away from the fundamental tone. Showing you the intervals, you will be able to use this example list for any note on the piano. Click here to download.