Informational Video Pages

At Howard Piano Industries we offer not only parts, tools and accessories, but we also offer instructional pages which provide step-by-step instructions as well as demonstration videos on the products we offer.  You can click on the links below to view the videos that are available.  Please check back often as we continue to offer more videos.  To be notified automatically of any new videos that we make available, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  

Piano Regulation Videos

Vertical Piano Regulation Videos:

Vertical Piano Regulation Procedure

How A Vertical Piano Action Works

Vertical Piano Action Parts Video

Piano Key Leveling

Piano Sharp Leveling

Squaring & Spacing Keys

Regulating the Hammer Blow Distance in a Vertical Piano

Adjusting Lost Motion in a Vertical Piano

Adjusting Lost Motion in a Spinet Piano

Adjusting Let-Off in a Vertical Piano

Regulating Key Dip & Aftertouch

Bobbling Hammers in a Vertical Piano

Regulating Vertical Piano Backchecks

Adjusting Vertical Piano Damper Spoons

Correcting Rubbing Hammers on a Vertical Piano

Damper Pedal Lift Adjustment

Grand Piano Regulation Videos

Bedding the Grand Piano Keyframe

Measuring String Height on a Grand Piano

Squaring & Spacing Keys

Adjusting Hammer Blow Distance on a Grand Piano

Adjusting Letoff on a Grand Piano Action

Regulating Drop on a Grand Piano Action

Regulating Key Dip & Aftertouch

Adjusting the Backcheck Distance on a Grand Piano

Grand Piano Repetition Spring Adjustment

Adjusting the Jack Position on a Grand Piano

Repetition Lever Height on a Grand Piano Action


Piano Tuning Videos

How to Tune A Piano

Piano Tuning Hammers

Piano Tuning Mutes

Piano Tuning Hammer Heads and Tips

Piano Tuning Theory

Setting A440 to a Tuning Fork

Touching up an out of tune unison

Pitchraise Piano Tuning

Pitchraise Piano Tuning Demonstration

Using An Impact Tuning Hammer

        Levitan Piano Tuning Levers

Piano Repair Videos

Piano Keytop Replacement

Piano String Replacement

Piano Restringing

Piano Bridle Strap Replacement

Piano Key Bushing Replacement

Piano Jack Spring Replacement

Piano Hammer Butt Spring Replacement

Measuring for a Piano Bass String Replacement

Preparing a Universal Piano Bass String for Replacement

Replacing a Broken String in a Piano

Reconditioning a Vertical Piano Action

Diagnosing the Sticking Piano Key

Fixing a Sticking Jack

Sticking Piano Keys Caused by Sluggish or Tight Action Parts

Fixing Loose Piano Tuning Pins

Using CA Glue to Repair Loose Tuning Pins in an Upright Piano

Hot Hide Glue Preparation

Cleaning & Polishing Keypins

Piano Flange Repinning

Repairing Loose Piano Hammer Flanges

Piano Flange Rebushing

Piano Keybed Felt Replacement

Clicking Noises in Piano Keys

Clicking Sounds from A Loose Piano Hammer Head

Replacing Hammer Butt Leather and Hammer Butt Felt

Replacing Catcher Leather and Butt Spring Punchings

Lubricating Hammer Butt Leather and Whippen Heel Cushion Felt

Easing Key Bushings Using Key Easing Iron Broaches

Tying a Broken Piano String

Removing A Vertical Piano Action

Removing a Grand Piano Action

Removing a Spinet Piano Action

Spinet Piano Action Details

Removing Keys & Action from a Grand Piano Keyframe

Grand Piano Hammer Shank Replacement

Grand Piano Action Parts

Evaluating A Spinet Piano for Needed Repairs

Spinet Piano Lifter Grommet Replacement

Spinet Piano Lifter Elbow Replacement

Piano Hammer Rail Cloth & Spring Rail Felt Replacement

Broken Piano Hammer Shank Repair

Broken Vertical Piano Hammer Shank Replacement

Hammer Filing and Shaping

Replacing a Broken Vertical Piano Damper Flange

Grand Piano Knuckle Replacement

Easing Grand Piano Damper Guide Rail Bushings

CA Glue - Types & Uses in Piano Repair Work

Piano Nameboard Felt Installation

Installing Piano Music Desk Suede

Fixing Sticking Piano Keys by Adjusting the Keyslip

Piano Hammer Felt Separting from Molding

Grand Piano Desk Slide Felt Installation

Removing Case Parts from a Vertical Piano

Tipping A Vertical Piano on its Back

How to Measure Piano Music Wire

Using A Piano Wire Canister


Piano Tuning & Service Business Videos

How to Become A Piano Tuner/Technician - First Steps

How Much Money Can A Piano Technician Earn

Advertising Methods for Gaining New Customers

Parts & Tools to Keep in A Piano Technicians Toolcase

Income Sources for Piano Technicians

Piano Flipping - Buying & Selling Used Pianos for Profit

Pianos in the Day of A Piano Tuner

How to Move A Vertical Piano


Piano Product Videos

Piano Cover Options

Hands Off Piano Fallboard Lock

Spurlock Grand Piano Soundboard Duster Set

Piano Caster Cups

Piano Keytop Options

Piano Music Wire

Piano Desk Knobs

Piano Voicing Tools

Changing Dampp Chaser Humidifier Pads in a Vertical Piano

Piano Wire Looping Machine Demo

Using the Vertical Piano Action Cradle


Piano Care Videos

Cleaning the Inside of a Vertical Piano

Cleaning the Inside of a Grand or Baby Grand Piano

Changing Dampp Chaser Humidifier Pads in a Vertical Piano

How to Clean Piano Keytops

How to Determine If Your Piano Has Ivory Keytops

How to Buy A Used Piano - Introduction

Buying A Used Piano - What to Look For

A Piano Shopping Experience on Craigslist