Metal Piano Tuning Pin Bushings

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About this item:

  • SUPPORT TUNING PIN STABILITY: Bushings play a crucial role in tuning pin stability. Between the top of the pin block and the bottom of the string coil, they support the pin.
  • EMBOSSED BUSHING OUTER SPACE: The outer surface of the bushing is embossed to insure firm hold on pin block. One bushing is equal to two larger size tuning pins.
  • FIX LOOSE TUNING PINS: Solves the problem of loose tuning pins. Push bushings into the hole up to the shoulder, and then drive the tuning pin in.
  • EASY TO INSTALL PIN BUSHINGS: This goes into the tuning pin hole. Remove the old tuning pin exactly like you would if you were replacing the tuning pin. The bushing has a separation so it can be as big or as small as you need. Place it into the hole and then put your tuning pin inside the metal tuning pin bushing. The thickness of this bushing will essentially make the hole smaller so that the tuning pin will be tighter in the hole.


Product Description:

These bushings are simple to install and eliminate loose tuning pins. To use, insert bushings up to the shoulder of the tuning pin and then drive it in. The bushing's outer surface is embossed to ensure a secure grip on the pin block.

Available in a package of 12 or 100. Please choose quantity.



  • Product Type: Tuning Pin Bushings
  • Material: Metal
  • Available Package: Set of 12 or 100.
  • Manufacturer: USA Made