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About this item:

  • MUSIC WIRE CANISTER: The most practical method of storing a piano or music wire. These two-piece canisters are designed to hold any standard 1 lb. or 1/2 lb. coil. The wire enters through the large center hole. Can be refilled multiple times. Keep piano wire from tangling by storing it.
  • MUSIC WIRE SAFETY HANDLING: Always wear gloves when handling piano wire since the oils in your skin might cause the wire to rust over time.
  • PROPER MUSIC WIRE STORING: Take the wire out of the clamp; it has one tag that says "start the end." Start with the end of the coil wire and leave it hanging off until you are ready to feed it through the top of the hole with the high wire. The other end should be cut off because it could get in the way of the wire coiling out and cause it to snag. The music wire is inserted into the can in a counterclockwise direction. They have wire clamps, which we will simply clip off using wire cutters. Because the wire is coiled inside the can, keep it tight. If the wire pops out, you will have a huge mess on your hands. Instead, feed the end through the hole from the inside, carefully put the cover on, twist it on, and snip off the end of the wire. If you need the wire, you can just draw out as much as you need.


Product Description:

The Music Wire Canister is one of the best ways to store one pound coils or even smaller half-pound coils of piano wire in a metal piano wire canister. Keeping the wire in the canister is an easy way to store and dispense the wire. 

The video below demonstrates the process of how to put the wire into the canister. 

Here is a link to the canisters in our store: Piano Wire Canisters.  The one pound coils of Roslau piano wire can be purchased in our store here: Roslau Piano Wire.



  • Product Type: Music Wire Canister
  • Material: Metal
  • Shape: Round
  • Capacity: Hold any Standard 1 lb. or 1/2 lb. coil