Piano Tuning Pin Extractor

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About this item:

  • PIANO TUNING PIN EXTRACTOR: The most typical cause of a pin breaking is when the string is coiled around the pin all the way to the neck, wedging the pin and making it very difficult to dislodge it. The tuning pins are unlikely to snap, but if they do, tuning pin extractors can be used to cover the pin's stub. They are also useful for removing stripped pins.
  • REVERSE INTERNAL THREAD: The tuning pin extractor is an additional tuning lever tip that fits into your tuning lever and has a reverse internal thread that engages with a broken or rounded pin and allows you to turn the pin out.
  • FASTER PIANO REPAIR: To make piano repairs easier and faster, use a hand brace, T type lever, or any standard #2 tuning lever.


Piano Description:

This Piano Tuning Pin Extractor is used for removing broken tuning pins. This tool has tapered and reversed threads which cut into broken tuning pins for easy extraction. Use with a hand brace, T style lever or any standard #2 tuning lever. Length is 2 inches long. A quality tool that is made in the USA.



  • Product Type: Tuning Pin Extractor
  • Length: 2 inches long
  • Thread Type: Tapered and reversed threads
  • Manufacturer: USA Made