Protek Prolube Polymer Spray Lubricant – 4 oz. Bottle

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About this item:

  • WORKS ON HIGH FRICTION AREAS: Designed for higher friction areas like the keybed and frame, and the shift and sostenuto mechanisms.
  • WIDE USE: Great for front and balance rail pins, damper guide rail wires, and anywhere you would use a spray lubricant.


Product Description:

Protek Prolube is a polymer spray lubricant which is designed for use on high friction areas like the keybed and keyframe. Works great for lubricating keypins also. Comes in a 4 oz. spray bottle.

Keypins can be a primary source of excess friction in the key travel. Polishing and lubricating keypins is one way to help reduce the excess friction which can make an action feel sluggish.



  • Product Type: Prolube Spray Lubricant
  • Appearance Form: Viscous Liquid
  • Odor: Low odor