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About this item:   

  • DESIGNED FOR COMBINATION TOOL HANDLE: A very functional and handy tool for hammer voicing. This tool comes without a handle so that it can be used with a combination tool handle. This is helpful because the combination tool handle is longer than the handle for the Piano Hammer Voicing Tool with Hardwood Handle.
  • THREE UNIQUE ANGLE POSITIONS: There are three different positions on this hammer voicing tool: a straight angle, a half angle, and a full angle (see pictures above).
  • FOUR REPLACEABLE NEEDLES: This tool has 4 needles which are replaceable. Set screws on the front hold needles in place.
  • NEEDLE USAGE RECOMMENDATIONS: If you want to use one needle at a time you can take out three of the needles and you can leave whichever one of the four that you want or you can just use three needles.
  • EASY TO CUT NEEDLES: If you want to shorten the needles, simply take them out and cut them to the length that you need with some kind of wire nipper.


Product Description:

Voicing is the act of making the piano either brighter or more mellow sounding, or changing the tone of the piano by working with the felt and hammer.


Important: This tool is designed to be used with the combination tool handle which is available in our store and sold separately. 

To see a demonstration video of all of our piano voicing tools click here to visit the video demo page on voicing tools 



  • Product Type: Piano Hammer Voicing Tool
  • Head Angle: Straight angle, partial angle, and full angle
  • Head Material: Stainless steel head
  • No. of Needles: 4 needles (included)