Piano Hammer Voicing Tool with Hardwood Handle

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About this item:

  • PEAR-SHAPED HANDLE DESIGN: A hammer voicing tool with a hardwood handle that is pear-shaped and fits comfortably in your hand.
  • THREE UNIQUE ANGLE POSITIONS: There are three different positions on this hammer voicing tool. From the handle, we've only got a straight up angle. If you adjust it and tighten it down, you can make a half angle, and then a full angle, which is excellent if you're working with upright hammers and need to get to the backside of the hammer without taking the action out.
  • FOUR REPLACEABLE NEEDLES: This tool has 4 needles which are replaceable and also got set screws on the front part that hold the needles in place.
  • NEEDLE USAGE RECOMMENDATIONS: If you want to use one needle at a time you can take out three of the needles and you can leave whichever one of the four that you want or you can just use three needles. It will depend on what your voicing technique is but those are replaceable.
  • EASY TO CUT NEEDLES: If you want to shorten them you take the needles out and cut them to the length that you need with some kind of wire nipper to make them the correct length.


Product Description:

Adjusting the density of the felts covering the hammers striking the string to generate a warmer or brighter tone is known as piano voicing. When done correctly, this method will give the piano a lot of color and expression when played softly, but enough of power when the player demands it. The most popular choice among piano technicians.

To see a demonstration video of all of our piano voicing tools click here to visit the video demo page on voicing tools.  Replacement needles available here in our store.  Quality tool manufactured in the USA



  • Product Type: Piano Hammer Voicing Tool
  • Head Angle: Straight Up Angle, Partial Angle and Full Angle
  • Handle Material: Hardwood handle
  • Handle Shape: Pear-shaped handle
  • Head Material: Stainless Steel Head
  •  Handle Length: 2-3/8’’
  • Overall Length: 4-1/2’’
  • No. of Needles: 4 Needles (included)
  • Manufacturer: USA Made