Protek CLP - Lubricant for Piano Action Parts

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About this item:

  • COATING AND EASING CENTER PINS: Standard lubrication for the action center pin and key-post. This solution has been thoroughly tested and confirmed to be exceptionally effective in coating and easing center pins while also sealing felt to prevent moisture and buildup.
  • PREVENT OXIDATION: Protek removes verdigris and protects against future build-up by coating the center pin and sealing the felt from moisture thus preventing oxidation. 
  • SPACE-AGE POLYMERS MATERIAL: Protek CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant) is made from space-age polymers. 
  • PROTEK CLP WIDE FUNCTION: Protek, unlike silicone, does not run, dry out, or lose its effectiveness. Protek is ideal for damper guide rail bushings, underlever lubrication, front and balance rail pins, capstan screws, and squeaky knuckles because it won't harm wood, metal, or the piano finish.


Product Description:

The most popular piano lubricants are Protek CLP and Protek Prolube. This high-tech liquid polymer lubricant-protectant protects and lubricates piano action centers at the same time. Particularly useful for sluggish and stiff piano movements.  A hypo oiler is the easiest way to apply this lubricant.



  • Product Type: Protek Lubricant
  • Form Appearance: Liquid
  • Color: Colorless at Room Temperature
  • Odor: Mild, Hydrocarbon
  • Available Size: 4 oz. Bottle, 32 oz. Bottle 
  • Manufacturer: USA Made