Hypo Oiler Non-clogging CA Glue Applicator 1/2 oz. - Set of 3

BSI Inc.

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About this item: 

  • CA GLUE APPLICATOR SIZE: These eyedropper-shaped CA glue applicators come in two sizes, depending on the viscosity of the CA glue.  The regular tip is suitable for gap filling or extra-thick CA glues, while the fine tip is best for thin CAs or Insta-Set CA Glue Accelerator. 
  • GLUE APPLICATION: CA is sucked up into the applicator by inserting it into an open CA bottle. Just squeeze the empty applicator's bulb, insert into a CA bottle, and suck up the quantity you will need for your application.  
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: This applicator is very convenient to use to apply the glue without damaging the tip of the CA Glue bottle. 


Product Descriptions: 

1/2 oz. polyethylene plastic squeeze applicator. Excellent for applying Protek lubricant on action parts or for applying CA Glue.  Includes a set of 3 applicators.  Available with a standard tip or with an extra fine tip. 



  • Product Type: Non-clogging CA Glue Applicator 
  • Material: Polyethylene Plastic 
  • Color: Transparent/White 
  • No. in Set: Set of 3 
  • Size: 1/2 oz. Squeeze Applicator 
  • Applicator Type: Regular Tip Applicator, Fine Tip Applicator