Grand Piano Sweeper Soundboard Cleaner Duster

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About this item:

  • SOUNDBOARD CLEANER DUSTER: This dust cleaner is designed to remove dust from beneath the strings of the Soundboard, as well as from beneath the iron frame, through the holes in the sock, which can be dry or damp.
  • REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE SOCK: The sock that serves as the tool's outer cover is removable and washable, and it may be used dry or damp for more difficult dirt.
  • EASY AND LONG REACH CLEANER DUSTER: This tool for dusting the soundboard of a grand piano is 50" long and can reach easily under the strings for dusting the soundboard. .  It also can reach into the holes in the plate to access the areas that can't typically be reached.
  • QUALITY SYNTHETIC PLASTIC MATERIAL: This Grand Piano "SWEEPER" Soundboard cleaner and duster is composed of flexible synthetic plastic that is coated in a cloth sock for cleaning and won't scratch the soundboard.
  • PIANO TECHNICIANS RECOMMENDED: The no.1 choice for Piano Technicians.


Product Description:

You might not realize that the soundboard of a grand piano requires cleaning. It's often difficult to get to without scratching the varnish, which can be terrible.

Dust and dirt can degrade the sound of your grand piano and damage the soundboard's lacquer.

With Sweeper Soundboard Cleaner Duster you can simply clean by sweeping it over the soundboard. Sweeper is a tool that anyone, even piano owners and technicians, can use.



  • Product Type: Soundboard Duster & Cleaner
  • Length: 50" long
  • Size: 1’’ wide
  • Material: Synthetic Plastic