Spurlock Grand Piano Soundboard Duster Cleaner Set

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About this item: 

  • QUICK CLEANING ACTION: These cleaner set allow you to quickly reach through the strings of a grand piano to dust the soundboard. Use your vacuum to pull the dust off the cleaner each time it is withdrawn from the strings. 
  • PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: A set includes three sizes to work in different areas of the soundboard:  

         * 2 1/2" blade with 5" handle for high treble, bass bridge aprons, etc. 
         * 3 3/4" blade with 6" handle for tenor & treble, damper guide rails. 
         * 3 3/4" blade with 22" handle for reaching under the bass strings and reaching through plate holes to the back side of the  bridge. 

  • CONVENIENT TO USE: For very dirty boards, use the cleaner to push a dampened cloth; this allows more pressure to be applied and gives more even coverage than is possible with conventional soundboard steel, and they won't scratch the soundboard. Use the long one to make the big reach for the longer strings, and the shorter ones that will work for the difficult areas inside the soundboard. 
  • SOUNDBOARD CLEANING MATERIAL: These small "squeegees" duster cleaner set are made of brass with felt-covered blades. Brass is a copper-zinc alloy metal. A solid substance that is strong, hard, and formable.  And the spade ends are covered in a special cloth material. 
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Product Descriptions: 

Bill Spurlock made this set of three soundboard cleaning tools. These also fit between the strings and can be used to push a cloth around, or they can be used as dust collectors if the soundboard only has a thin layer of dust on it. The set comes with different sizes that you can use in cleaning your grand piano soundboard. 



  • Product Type: Duster Cleaner Set ( Grand Piano Soundboard) 
  • Inclusions: 3 Duster Cleaner Set  
  • Sizes:  2 1/2" blade with 5" handle 
  •            3 3/4" blade with 6" handle 
  •            3 3/4" blade with 22" handle
  • Material: Made of brass with felt-covered blades 
  • Manufacturer: Bill Spurlock