Piano Backrail or Key Cloth

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About this item:

  • BACKRAIL CLOTH SOFTEN SOUND FUNCTION: One of the purposes of this cloth is to soften the sound, so that when the keys go back and forth between front and back, it generates a quieter sound that you don't hear.
  • BEST GLUING PROCESS: Glue under the front edge of the felt but not under the back edge for the best results (where the key comes down on the felt). This produces a softer sound and allows you to shim under the felt as needed.
  • KEY CLOTH THICKNESS MEASUREMENT: The thickness is another factor to consider. So, it's usually compressed due to age, especially if it's very old and has been used a lot. So, try to measure the thickness of the cloth on a part of it that hasn't had the keys sitting in it for many years, as this will generally show the original thickness of the cloth.
  • THICKNESS VARIATION: This back rail cloth is available in 5 different thicknesses for you to choose from:

          * .235" Thick
          * .215" Thick
          * .185" Thick
          * .165" Thick
          * .145" Thick

  • HIGH QUALITY FELT: Made from finest quality felt/cloth.


Product Description:

On a piano, there are three different felt things that can be replaced. The first cloth is this one that goes all the way back; it's called the back rail cloth or key cloth, and it's made of felt. Replace worn felt beneath the backs of the keys.



  • Product Type: Backrail Cloth/ Key Cloth
  • Size: 1-1/2" Wide x 52" Long Strips
  • Material: Finest Quality Cloth
  • Color: Dark Green Cloth
  • Manufacturer: USA Made