Piano Front Rail Felt Punchings

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About this item:

  • REGULATES KEY DIP: In most cases, you'll find cardboard or paper punchings underneath the felt punchings, which regulates how far the key can go down (known as the key dip).
  • FELT PUNCHINGS REPLACEMENT: When replacing the front rail felts, try to match the thickness of the originals as closely as possible. It can be difficult to determine, especially if the front rail felts have been played a lot and are quite compressed, but you can sometimes find an edge on a punching that hasn't been driven down or compacted too much and try to get a general idea of what the original thickness was.
  • REPLACE WORN-OUT PUNCHINGS: The piano felt punchings are an ideal replacement for worn out or moth damaged punchings.
  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT THICKNESSES: We offer a variation of felt punching thicknesses for you to choose from:

             * Thin - .145" x 3/4"
             * Medium Thin- .165" x 3/4"
             * Medium - .185" x 3/4"
             * Medium Thick - .215" x 3/4"
             * Thick - .235" x 3/4"
             * Medium - .185" x 7/8"

  • HIGH QUALITY FELT: Made of firm, high-quality felt.


Product Description:

This set of 100 front rail felt punchings are excellent piano regulating tools ideal replacement for worn or moth-eaten punchings. Made of firm, high-quality felt.



  • Product Type: Felt Punchings
  • Quantity: Set of 100 (Approximately)
  • Material: Made form firm felt
  •  Manufacturer: USA Made