Weller 40 Watt Soldering Iron for Ironing Tools

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About this item:

  • SOLDERING IRON USEFUL FUNCTION: For removing old key bushings, this soldering iron tool is useful. The burning blade on the key bushing tip effectively steams the old bushing out.
  • LONG-LIFE 25 LUMENS LED LIGHTS: These high temperature long-life LEDs have been included as a new feature, producing 25 lumens of light on the triangular front housing, allowing you to see a little better during application.
  • COMFORTABLE TRIANGULAR GRIP: The triangular grip is a lot more comfortable if you are working on an application that requires a lot of point-to-point soldering for a prolonged period of time.
  • SOLDERING SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: When soldering, health and safety should always be put first. Soldering is a difficult process that requires a lot of heat and poisonous materials. Before you begin, read all of the directions and health and safety warnings that come with your equipment to ensure that you are using it correctly. Wear safety glasses when soldering, and keep all hair, loose clothing, and jewelry tucked away and out of the path of your instruments. Wearing protective gloves is also a good idea. Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated location or that you're using a fume extractor.
  • LEADING BRAND WELLER: Since 1945, Weller has been the leading brand in high-quality soldering equipment. Weller is known for innovative electronic rework and repair equipment and irons for sophisticated industrial applications, as well as a variety of items for hobbyists, in addition to its famed irons and soldering guns. 


Product Description:

Weller SP40N Soldering Iron. This iron can be used with many of the iron tools we offer including the Hammer Head Smoothing Iron Head and the set of 9 Key Easing Broaches

We also sell a soldering iron dial temperature controller to adjust the temperature of the iron.

The iron is 40 watts with a 120 volt plug and will get up to 900 degrees and includes a support stand and 1/4" chisel tip.



  • Product Type:
  • Wattage: 40 watts
  • Voltage:120V
  • Temperature Range: 900°F / 482°C
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Light Feature: 3 LED lights
  • Handle Style: Triangular
  • Handle Material: Co-molded and ribbed grip
  • Brand: Weller
  • Manufacturer: USA Made