Set of 9 Piano Key Easing Iron Broaches

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Set of 9 solid brass broaches to be used as part of the key easing iron.  These are straight broaches used to iron the key bushing cloth in the front rail and balance rail mortises.  This method of key easing provides much better and more permanent results than using key easing pliers or wedges.

Sizes included:

  • .162"
  • .150"
  • .147"
  • .143"
  • .139"
  • .136"
  • .134"
  • .129"
  • .088"

These broaches are made by Pianotek Supply Company.  Complete instructions on using the key easing iron can be found here: Using the Key Easing Iron

These fit into a soldering iron with a 1/4" opening.  We have the soldering iron as well as the temperature control unit for it available in our online store.

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