Piano Key Easing Iron Broaches - Set of 9

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About this item:

  • EASING IRON BROACHES FUNCTION: A set of nine broaches of different sizes that will fit various sizes of front rail pins as well as balance rail pins. Eases the felt bushings in the keys, particularly when replacing them with new bushings.
  • SIZES: To obtain the appropriate result, you must select the suitable broach point. It will not take long for you to figure out which broach is perfect for the purpose at hand. Start with a small broach and work your way up if you are unsure. This set of nine solid brass broaches comes in a variety of sizes. Sizes included: .162", .150", .147", .143", .139", .136", .134", .129", and .088".
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURES RANGE: Temperatures of 150°F to 200°F are the most effective operating ranges. Place a drop of water on the broach tip and gradually increase the temperature control until the water boils. On your own control, make a note of this point. To obtain the desired result, simply adjust the temperature slightly below this point.
  • EASY APPLICATION PROCESS: It is normally only necessary to make complete contact for about one second. We normally insert it, hold it for almost a second, draw it out, rapidly insert it again (to feel the difference and confirm that we completed the job), pull it out, and move on to the next key. When all of the keys are taped or clamped together, it takes about 5 minutes to treat a complete rail; it takes a little longer if you pick up a handful of keys at a time. It's not necessary to test each key on the pin (after you decide which broach to use). They will all be very much the same.


Product Description:

This set comes with a set of 9 solid brass broaches. The key bushing cloth in the front rail and balance rail mortises is ironed with these straight broaches. These broaches are made to be used with a soldering iron, and it is preferable to have a regulator on it so it does not become too hot and scorch the felt.

These broaches are made by Pianotek Supply Company.  Complete instructions on using the key easing iron can be found here: Using the Key Easing Iron

These fit into a soldering iron with a 1/4” opening.  We have the soldering iron as well as the temperature control unit for it available in our online store.



  • Product Type: Easing Iron Broaches
  • Material: Solid brass
  • No. of Set: Set of 9
  • Size Available: 9 different sizes
  •  Manufacturer: Pianotek Supply Company