Levitan "The Professional" Piano Tuning Lever

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About this item:

  • PROFESSIONAL GRAND PIANO TUNING: This Levitan piano tuning lever is primarily designed for grand piano tuning. If you just tuned pianos, or grand pianos, or if you want to have this one just for tuning your grands, it has a huge advantage over the standard tuning piano. As you turn it, it’s like you put a screw driver over the top of it, and twisted it. You don’t have any bending of the tuning pin when you use this tool.
  • PATENTED “C” SHAPE LEVER: Patented "C" shape not only eliminates flagpoling for unprecedented control of the tuning pin, but also allows a more ergonomic tuning position on grands, with both hands just above the keys. No need to lift the lid or change technique in the high treble.
  • BEST CONTROLLING ON TUNING PIN: Another advantage is that you put less strain on your body. You have this lengthy handle that provides you greater torque, but you don't have to worry about the tuning pin bending. If you want the most control out of all the tuning hammers, this one offers the best design for controlling a tuning pin.
  • ELIMINATE BENDING AND TWISTING TUNING PIN: The one that’s the most different. It doesn’t look like a regular tuning hammer. It’s a C-shape kind of. It’s got the tip down and then, it’s got a shaft over and a little handle. The way this one works is, and the huge advantage of this one is that you can greatly minimize the bending, and the twisting. Almost eliminate the bending and the twisting of the tuning pin. It goes on the pin and the handle comes up over the stretcher of the grand piano.
  • WELDED STEEL TUBES MATERIAL: The Professional has no threaded joints and is built of stiff but lightweight steel tubes. This enables it to transmit information from the tuning pin to the hand with extraordinary clarity.


Product Description:

The C-shape of the Professional locates the handle of the lever in the plane of the pin block. This enables a complete separation of turning and tilting forces and, as a result, an unprecedented degree of control over the tuning pin.

Fits all grands, as well as verticals without large overhanging lids. In the field, carry a conventional "L" shaped tuning hammer as well for stringing, turning glides, quick pitch raises, etc.

Weight is about 1 pound, 3 ounces. Length measures about 14 inches. Includes replaceable Watanabe #2 star tip. Instructions included.

We have replacement tips for this tuning lever available here: Watanabe Tuning Lever Tip



  •  Product Type: Tuning Lever
  • Tip Shape: Watanabe #2 star tip
  • Length: 14 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound, 3 ounces
  • Material: Steel Tubes
  • Manufacturer:  100% Made in the USA