Combination "T" Wood Handle for Piano Regulating & Repair Tools

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About this item:

  • COMBINATION’’T’’TOOL HANDLE: A multi-purpose handle that saves space and weight while fitting the entire set of regulating tools. A slight turn of the compressing nut secures and releases the tools.
  • “T” STYLE HANDLE DESIGN: The "T" style handle allows for more pressure to be applied in difficult situations.
  • MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL: The tool handle is constructed entirely of wood. Steel shaft and steel collar that tightens by turning clockwise to provide a firm grip on the tool shaft.
  • SPACE SAVER HANDLE TOOL: This handle saves space in your tool kit by eliminating the need for handles on all of your regulating and repair tools.
  • TECHNICIANS RECOMMENDED TOOL: Piano tuner technicians were able to save space and reduce their load by using combination handles when carrying their equipment from job to job.


Product Description:

The most commonly used piano repair tools in piano service are the Regulating Tools, which are in second place after piano tuning tools. These instruments are used to fine-tune the piano's action so that all of the components move at the same time and distance. This is a critical component of piano maintenance to ensure that the piano not only sounds in tune, but also responds fast and smoothly to the performer's touch.

This Combination "T" Wood Handle is designed to work with a wide range of piano repair and regulation tools. Most expert piano mechanics recommend this as their number one tool.



  • Product Type: Combination "T" Wood Handle
  • Handle Material: Solid Wood
  • Handle Length:  4" long
  • Shaft Material :Steel
  • Shaft Length: 3"
  • Collar Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: USA Made