Piano Repair Truck Demonstration

Piano Repair Truck Demonstration

Video Transcript


Welcome to another video with Howard Piano Industries. In this video, I'm going to show you what is called a piano repair truck, or as I call it, a piano tilter.


This is an old one, you know it's been through a lot. You can see somebody's put a plate on here and sprayed it to re-guild the plate with gold spray paint. But, we sell newer ones that look a little nicer than this, but they're basically the same design.


So, this is designed to fold up, making it a little more compact. You can put it in a van or travel with it if you need to take it to a customer's home. The purpose of this is to allow you to tilt an upright piano on its back so that the piano is vertical and the strings are vertical. It allows you to do work on the piano and position it a little more conveniently. If you're re-stringing a piano, it's good to be able to tilt it. If you're applying CA glue to tune pens on an upright piano, it's best to have it tilted so that the glue can have gravity working for it.

Tilting the Piano

So, the way this works is it just has a couple of prongs or feet on the front end that you put under the middle of the piano. This piano is fairly low to the ground, and I feel pretty confident that I don't have to take any more precautions with this piano. So, I just pull the front of the piano back to me, and it's as simple as that.