How to Tune A Piano

Our video series, "How to Tune A Piano", goes through the basics of piano tuning. Obviously there is much more information that can be learned than what we can teach in a few short videos, but this video series will walk you through step by step the basic process of how to tune a piano including the tools that are needed and the basic hammer technique used.  Being able to tune a piano at a professional level takes many, many hours of practice.  Our video series can help you if you are trying to tune your own piano for the first time or if you are just starting the process of wanting to learn how to tune and work on pianos.


There is a free printable study guide to go with this series available here.


We also offer this entire video series on DVD here in our store for those who would prefer to have the videos on a disc: How to Tune A Piano on DVD


Tools Needed

Electronic Tuning Devices

Tuning Hammer Technique

Tuning the Midrange

Tuning the Unisons

Tuning the High Treble

Tuning the Bass Section

Featured piano tuning tools: