These videos go step-by-step through the vertical piano regulation process to show how the steps work together to get your piano action playing well.  It is important to make sure you go through the process on 3 to 5 notes first before regulating the entire piano.  We have a DVD available which includes this video as well as 12 other videos on vertical piano regulation available here in our store: Vertical Piano Regulation Videos on DVD

Here are links to the videos which show more detail on each of the individual steps and can be viewed on our website:

Vertical Regulation Procedure
Adjusting Let-Off in a Vertical Piano
Regulating the Hammer Blow Distance in a Vertical Piano
Adjusting Lost Motion in a Vertical Piano
Regulating Key Dip & Aftertouch
Regulating Vertical Piano Backchecks
Damper Pedal Lift Adjustment
Piano Key Leveling
Piano Sharp Leveling
Adjusting Vertical Piano Damper Spoons
Squaring & Spacing Keys
Bobbling Hammers in a Vertical Piano
Correcting Rubbing Hammers on a Vertical Piano
How a Vertical Piano Action Works
Vertical Piano Action Parts
Adjusting Lost Motion on a Spinet Piano

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