Mackintosh Piano Covers

Mackintosh Piano Covers

Our mackintosh piano covers are made to order by skilled seamstresses right here in the United States. Select one of our templates below, or follow our instructions to create a custom template to order a cover that fits your piano perfectly.

Protect in Style

Our mackintosh covers offer dependable protection against bumps, scratches, and spills, while looking fantastic in any setting. These covers are the perfect blend of form and function, and are sure to accent any space beautifully.


Our covers are made of the most durable materials, and are designed to protect your piano for years to come. Our mackintosh covers feature a soft cotton blend backing, which will keep your piano's finish looking like new.


Our mackintosh covers are available in standard or floor length versions, and come standard with side slits for easy access. Additionally, you can order a cover with locking straps to secure the cover to the piano. We also offer embroidery, for an extra fee. Covers with embroidery will take about a week extra to ship.

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Piano Cover Care Tips

After ordering your cover, check out our FAQ to learn how to take care of your piano.

Piano Cover Options

We've created this video to give you an overview of the piano cover options we have available (black vinyl, black mackintosh, brown mackintosh, black quilted nylon, brown quilted nylon, and black mackintosh heavy quilted). If you have any questions, or need something specific made, you can contact us here