Parts and Tools to Keep in a Piano Technician's Toolcase

Knowing what parts and tools to carry with you on a day to day basis as a piano technician can sometimes be a difficult thing to figure out.  You obviously can't carry with you parts and tools to address every single issue that you may come across.  But you do want to be prepared for some of the more common problems that you will encounter when working on pianos.  In the video below, you will see an example of some of the more common items you should have with you to be prepared for the unexpected repair. The following is a complete list of the products in the tool case mentioned above. You can download a printable PDF version of this list here.


Parts and Tools to Keep in a Technician's Toolcase:

Tuning Tools

- Tuning Hammer

- Temperament Strip

- Tuning Mutes

- Lid Prop Block


Repair Tools

- Utility Knife

- CA Glue

- Protek CLP

- Hypo Oiler

- Wood Glue

- Micrometer

- Screwdriver

- Adjustable Wrench

- Magnetic Telescoping Pickup Tool

- Flashlight

- Scissors

- Offset Screwdriver

- Tweezers

- 6" Stainless Steel Rule

- Needle Nose Pliers


Regulating Tools

- Piano Capstan Screwdriver

- Piano Damper Wire Regulator*

- 8" Action Flange Screwdriver*

- 7" Regulating Screwdriver*

- Backcheck and Bridle Wire Regulating Tool*

- Single Needle Piano Voicing Tool

- Piano Spring Hook Tool

- Universal Capstan Screwdriver

- Piano Hammer Voicing Tool*

- Offset Piano Key Spacer*

- Grand Piano Action Screwdriver

- Grand Drop Screw Regulator

- Combination Tool Handle


For Your Business

- Invoices

- Business Cards

- Pens

- Electronic Tuning Device (if used)


*These tools are for use with the Combination Tool Handle