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About this item: 

  • WATER BASE BUFFING COMPOUND: Buff-Brite is a high tech, water base buffing compound that gently removes scratches and cleans high performance finishes. This is a simple-to-use compound with a wide range of applications. Scratches, oxidation, and weathering are all removed in this product. Abrasives that reduce scratches and swirls round the edges to aid in polishing. 
  • SPECIAL FORMULATION BUFF BRIGHT: Especially formulated to clean and buff polyurethane, lacquer, brass, nickel, silver, etc. Buff-Brite works easily on guitars, drums, cymbals, band instruments, high gloss and satin ebony pianos, synthesizers, instrument hardware, and tarnished name decals. 
  • DEEP CLEANING FINGERPRINT: Buff-Brite cleans without leaving a greasy film. Excellent for deep cleaning fingerprint oils from poly and lacquer satin ebony finishes. 
  • STORAGE AND HANDLING PRACTICES: Keep in cool, dry, well-ventilated area in closed containers. Protect containers from physical damage. 
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE:  Please contact us as early as possible if you have any questions regarding the product or services; we will do our best to resolve any issues and ensure that you have a good shopping experience 


Product Description: 

The Cory Buff Brite Buffing Compound is a metal buffer polish and a deep cleaning piano scratch remover. Remove dirt and scratches from your piano's wood and metal parts, and buff out any small scratches. Clean and polish your piano pedals. 

Cory Keyboard Products are the industry standard for piano and keyboard maintenance worldwide. 



  • Product Type: Piano Buff Bright 
  • Color: White 
  • Odor: No odor 
  • Available Size: 4 oz. bottle  
  • APPEARANCE (Physical State): Liquid 
  • Flammability Hazards: Non-Flammable 
  • Manufacturer: Cory Products, LLC