Cory Mega Duster - Double Weave Cloth

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About this item:

  • DOUBLE WEAVE CLOTH: This super-size (20 x 15") double weave cloth will clean any high-performance finish thoroughly without scratching it. The double weave allows the cloth to pick up the dust rather than recirculating it.
  • HOW TO USE: If your piano is extremely dusty, lightly dampen this fabric duster with water or Cory polish. Compatible with all Cory polishes.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: This duster polishing cloth is machine washable. No bleach or fabric conditioner should be used.


Product Description:                                                      

Cory Mega Duster Cloth is a super-size (20 x 15") double weave fabric that helps to hold dust rather than recirculating it into the air, making it like a magnet for dust. All Cory polishes are compatible with the Mega Dusters, which are machine washable. Packaged in a reusable zip lock pouch.



  • Product Type: Mega Duster Polishing Cloth
  • Cloth Size: Super-sized, (20" x 15")
  • Material: Special double weave (fabric cloth)
  • Manufacturer: Cory Products, LLC