Dampp Chaser Piano Life Saver Universal Watering Can

Dampp Chaser

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About this item: 

  • WATERING CAN APPLICATION: The Universal Watering can is designed to add the exact amount of water and Pad Treatment to the Piano Life Saver System that is needed when the yellow WATER light starts blinking. 
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This watering can is made of translucent HDPE plastic, so you can see when the water level matches the red "Fill Line" on the can. 
  • SPOUT WATERING CAN DESIGN: The spout size is designed to prevent splash in the humidifier during water addition, as well as providing tip strength, preventing collapse. 
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The ergonomic handle with balanced design for simple pouring makes this watering ideal for convenience. The handle is placed such that it is easy to balance and does not block the fill hole. 
  • CHOOSE CAN STYLE: Standard Can to fit 1/2" outside diameter watering tube. And or, Can with adapter to fit older style 5/16" outside diameter watering tube. 


Product Description: 

The Piano Life Saver Universal Water Can is shaped and proportioned specifically to refill and maintain your Piano Life Saver System. Because it's important to add the correct amount of water to your System whenever the yellow light indicates that it's necessary. It fits all newer systems (2004 and later) with a 1/2" watering tube. Watering can with adapter to fit 5/16" watering tube also available.  (Please choose from watering can types).  

It includes a line on the can indicating the amount of water which should be used to fill the humidifier tank. 

It is recommended to use the Dampp Chaser humidifier treatment when adding water to your piano humidifier system to reduce mineral build-up in your humidifier tank. 



  • For Instrument: Piano 
  • Product Dimensions: 14.5 × 20 × 5 in 
  • Dosage Form: Liquid  
  • Manufacturer: Dampp-Chaser    



Fill the can to the red line with water and then add one capful of Pad Treatment. Tilt the can forward carefully until the nozzle is facing straight down, then insert the nozzle into the end of the watering tube. Hold that position until the can makes a gurgling sound, indicating that it is empty. Allow any remaining water in the watering tube to run back into the can by lowering the watering can and placing it on the floor for a few seconds. Reclip the watering tubing to the piano after removing the nozzle. When the yellow WATER LED starts blinking, the Universal Watering can is intended to supply the exact amount of water and Pad Treatment that the Piano Life Saver System requires.