Drop Lifter Elbows for Spinet Pianos

Vagias Ventures

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 About this item:

  • HIGH QUALITY DROP LIFTER ELBOWS: These are plastic replacement elbows that snap on to the existing center pin and are designed to last much longer than the original plastic elbows.
  • ELBOWS END SLOT: You can easily install the elbows with your drop lifter wire since they feature a slot at the end that you can use to push onto the center pin.
  • EASY ELBOWS REPLACEMENT: So, if you have a drop lifter wire and the broken elbow was attached to the end that goes down inside the action, the first thing you'll need to do is cut off any portions or bits of the old elbow. In general, it's not difficult. You can break it off with needle nose pliers by just squeezing it, and you can do the same with the center pin by doing the same thing, but without applying any side pressure to the whippen.
  • NEW ELBOWS INSTALLED: All hammers are ready to strike after new elbows were placed and regulation buttons were adjusted.
  • AVAILABLE VARIATION SET: This drop lifter elbows are made available in set of 12 and set of 90.


Product Description:

Many spinet pianos were manufactured with plastic elbows during the 1950s and early 1960s. The plastic has gotten brittle, and the elbows have broken, therefore most of these pieces from that time period need to be replaced. To replace broken elbows on a spinet piano, this is a set of 12 and a full set of 90 drop lifter elbows.



  • Product Type: Drop Lifter Elbows
  • Material: Plastic
  • Available Set: Set of 12, Set of 90.
  • Manufacturer: USA Made