Electronic Soldering Iron Station - SL-5 Series

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About this item:

  • QUALITY SOLDERING IRON STATION: The SL-5 soldering stations are high-quality equipment that provide professionals, students, and hobbyists more control over excellent soldering in a wide range of soldering applications.
  • SOLDERING IRONS TEMPERATURE: What this soldering station does is it helps to regulate the temperature of the soldering irons. It is advised to not get too hot because this could burn the felt. A very useful tool when replacing the piano key bushing.
  • CUSHION GRIP HANDLE DESIGN: Soldering static-sensitive devices with a cushion grip soldering iron with a grounded tip. The plated conical tip is easily replaceable and has a longer lifetime.
  • SPECIAL SAFETY FEATURE: The GROUND FAULT DETECTION CIRCUIT on the SL-5 is a special safety feature that alerts the user if the station is not properly connected to the ground, if you're hot, or if the ground wires are reversed. This is vital when working with high-voltage circuits and important when working with today's static-sensitive electronic components. It can also detect issues with the outlet to which it is connected.
  • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: The solder station, like all electrical devices, must be handled with caution. These simple safety rules should be followed because the soldering iron and tip can reach high temperatures. Children should be kept away from the soldering station. Wear safety eyewear and work in a well-ventilated location to protect your eyes.


Product Description:

The Elenco SL-5 Variable Heat Soldering Station (No Iron) is ideal for professionals, students, and hobbyists and is electronically controlled to produce 5 to 40 watts.

Soldering Iron station that can use any soldering iron up to 40 watts.  We have the Weller 40 Watt Soldering Iron available. Station includes a heavy non-slip base, Iron Holder for holding the tool while working, a dial for adjusting the temperature and a plug in the back for plugging in your soldering iron. 

*Soldering Iron not included*



  • Product Type: Soldering Station
  • Model No. : SL-5 (Elenco)
  • Watts: Provide 5 to 40 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Power Source: Electric Corded
  • Manufacturer: Elenco Electronics, Inc.