Factory Style Piano Tuning Hammer

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About this item:

  • FACTORY STYLE TUNING HAMMER: This tool has a hardened steel tuning tip, designed to withstand stress and pounding to set tuning pins, and locks into position with a machine screw and lock washer.
  • TIP SIZE: Attached with a square shaped #2 size tip, which is the most common and fits most piano tuning pins.
  • WELDED 15 DEGREE HEAD ANGLE: The tuning hammer head on this tool is welded on with a 15 degree angle which will extend the handle further away from the pins.
  • DESIGN: 7 inch nylon handle with a steel shaft for a total length of 13 inch.


Product Description:

Factory Style Piano Tuning Hammer is 7 inch nylon handle, total length is 13 inches. Comes with a #2 tip. Designed for piano factories to handle the pounding to set tuning pins. The head is welded on with a 15 degree angle.



  • Product Type: Tuning Hammer
  • Tip Shape: Sqaure shaped (#2)
  • Head Angle: 15 degree (welded angle)
  • Handle Length: 7"
  • Hammer Total Length: 13"
  • Handle Material: Nylon handle 
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: 100% Made in the US