Factory Style Piano Tuning Hammer

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About this item:

  • SPECIAL HARDENED TUNING HAMMER: The special hardened tool steel tuning tip is designed to withstand stress and pounding to set tuning pins and locks into position with a machine screw and lock washer.
  • SQUARE TIP TUNING HAMMER: Attached with a #2 size tip, which is the most common and fits practically all piano tuning pins. The part of the tool that screws onto the end of the head and fits over the tuning pin is known as the tip.
  •  WELDED 15 DEGREE HEAD ANGLE: The head is the part of the tuning hammer that attaches to the handle. It is threaded so it screws onto the end of the handle which is also threaded. The angle of the head determines what to what degree the handle will extend away from the tuning pins. This tuning hammer head is welded on with a 15 degree angle which will extend the handle further away from the pins. The longer the head is, the further the handle will be from the tuning pins.
  • TUNING HAMMER DURABLE DESIGN: 7 inch Nylon Handle with a chrome plated steel shaft for a total length of 13 inch.
  • MOST RECOMMENDED TOOL: Tuning pianos at least once a year is necessary to keep them in tune and playing the correct notes. And this tuning hammer is the #1 choice for Piano Technicians.


Product Description:

In order to tune a piano, the primary tool that is needed is a Piano Tuning Hammer, sometimes called a Piano Tuning Lever. This is a tool that is used to turn the tuning pins in order to adjust the pitch of each string to where it should be.  

Factory Style Piano Tuning Hammer is 7 inch nylon handle, total length is 13 inch. With chrome plated shaft and  #2 square tips. Designed for piano factories to handle the pounding to set tuning pins. The head is welded on with a 15 degree angle.



  • Product Type: Tuning Hammer
  • Tip Shape: Sqaure Shaped (#2)
  • Head Angle: 15 degree (Welded Angle)
  • Handle Length: 7in
  • Hammer Total Length: 13 inch
  • Handle Material: Nylon  Handle 
  • Shaft Material: Chrome Plated Steel Shaft
  • Manufacturer: 100% Made in the US