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About this item:

  • PIANO FALL BOARD LOCK: The original locking mechanism on a piano may no longer work or the key may have been misplaced. Many of these early original locks were not designed with enough strength to prevent someone from quickly forcing open the fall board. However, the piano will be protected with this hands-off lock. For use with both grands and uprights.
  • PIANO FALLBOARD LOCK PARTS: The shoe of the lock goes beneath the piano. The shoe contains the key hole, which will clamp the fallboard shut when the key is turned to lock the shoe into place. Includes an inside felt lining to protect the piano's finish.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: The Hands Off Piano Fallboard Lock includes a built-in master lock as well as two keys. The 6-1/4" clamp opening fits most acoustic pianos, and two pre-drilled shims enable for height adjustment for smaller fallboards.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of virtually indestructible, unbreakable plastic.
  • EASY TO INSTALL MECHANISM: The shoe is easily mounted at the bottom of the piano with four screws which are flush mounted to the bottom so they do not interfere with the locking mechanism. Some pianos, including some uprights and spinets, have a shorter fallboard depth, so shims are included in order to compensate for that. Shims are attached to the other side of the shoe. The shoe is now screwed into place. To install the rest of the lock, simply insert it into the shoe, push, and lock.


Product Description:


Hands Off Locks can be specially ordered with matching locks (keyed alike) at no extra charge - particularly convenient for universities or churches with multiple pianos. 

Manufactured in the USA by Pianotek Supply Company.  Please let us know if you have any questions.



  • Product Type: Piano Fallboard Lock
  • Color: Black
  • Material: High-performance plastic
  • Clamp Opening Size: 6-1/4"



Your "HANDS OFF * Reserved For Performance" kit includes the lock and shoe, keys, spacers, double-stick tape, and screws.

This lock was designed to fit pianos with dimensions of 6’’ or less from top of fall-board to bottom of key bed. A little extra space can be obtained by mortising the shoe into the underside of the key bed.

  1. Decide if you need to use spacers. It is best that the top of the locking device is very close to the top of the fallboard.
  2. Mount unit under the key bed at bass end of piano. Be sure to allow for removal of the cheek block and/or key slip screw.
  3. Hold lock in position to make sure it will engage properly. Apply tape to shoe or spacer. Install the 4 screws to fasten the shoe/spacer to the keybed.

The hardened screws which we include will not need a pilot hole unless the keybed is made of very hard wood.