INSTA-CURE Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue - Super Thin Viscosity

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About this item: 

  • SUPER THIN VISCOSITY GLUE: Insta-Cure™ has a water-thin viscosity that wicks deep into joints by capillary action and cures in a matter of a few seconds. Surfaces to be bonded must be tight fitting and should be held together while you apply the CA around the edges of the seam. Thin CAs work very well on balsa since they penetrate into the wood and form more than just a surface bond.  
  • WORKS GOOD ON: Soft Wood, Fiberglass, Hard Plastics, Water-Resistant, CA Hinges. And Works best on Balsa Wood, Ceramics.  
  • AVAILABLE SIZE: Available in several different sizes: 1/2 oz. bottle, 3/4 oz. pocket bottle with screw on cap, 1 oz. bottle and 2 oz. bottle.  
  • APPLICATION DIRECTIONS: Unscrew top from nozzle. For finer applications, use the extender tip. Insta-Cure™ CA is used to bond tight fitting parts. Hold the parts together (sometimes using masking tape), then apply the Insta-Cure™ along the joints. The CA will penetrate deep into the joints. Bonding will occur in 1-3 seconds. Excess cured CA can be removed from surfaces like ceramics by rubbing with a paper towel soaked in Un-Cure™. Full strength is reached in two hours. Wipe the nozzle clean before replacing screw-on top. . Refrigerate to extend shelf life. Cured CA is stable from -40 to 220º F. Soak extender tip in acetone for cleaning.  
  • GLUE SAFE STORAGE: For safe storage, store between 0 °C (32°F) and 10 °C (50°).Keep in a cool, well ventilated area away from heat, sparks and open flame. Keep container tightly closed until ready for use.  


Product Descriptions:  

High quality CA glues (cyanoacrylate).  CA glue works very well in certain piano repair situations where very thin glue is needed.  The most common repair this glue is used for is when you come across a piano that has tuning pins that are too loose to hold.  You can put a few drops around the base of the tuning pin and because the glue is very thin it will wick down around the tuning pin and swell the wood in the pin block around the tuning pin and then dry very quickly.  The tuning pin will be ready to tune within a few minutes.  Make sure that if you are applying this glue on a grand piano that you remove the action in case the glue drips down through the pin block.  If you are using this glue on a vertical piano make sure to tip the piano on its back so the glue doesn't run down the plate. CA glue also works well for hammerheads that have come loose from the shank.  Apply a couple of drops of CA glue to the loose joint and within a few minutes it should be set.  


• Product type: Cyanoacrylate  
• Physical state: Liquid   
• Color: Colorless, Transparent   
• Odor: Sharp, Irritating  
• Size: Various sizes (1/2 oz. bottle, 3/4 oz. 3/4 oz. pocket style, 1 oz. bottle and 2 oz.  
• Brand Name: Bob Smith Industries