Magnetic Telescoping Pickup Tool

Howard Piano Industries

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About this item:

  • MAGNETIC TELESCOPING PICKUP TOOL FUNCTION: It is not uncommon to drop a flange screw in between the parts on an upright or grand action. It is difficult to retrieve these because the parts are so close together. This magnetic telescoping pickup tool is useful for getting small metal pieces out of these difficult-to-reach areas in a piano.
  • LIFTING POWER CAPACITY: The magnet provides a lifting force of 1-1/2 pounds, making it easy to pick up small metal pieces such as screws, nuts, and keys, as well as hardware from the piano action.
  • TELESCOPIC DESIGN: The magnetic pickup tool features a telescoping design. It extends up to 25-9/16" in length, allowing you to easily access and pick up small items in tight spaces.
  • MATERIAL: The magnetic telescoping tool is made of aluminum extension rods and a magnet.


Product Description:

This magnetic telescoping pickup tool is a very helpful tool for retrieving small metal parts from hard to reach places or areas.



  • Product Type: Magnetic Telescoping
  • Material: Magnet, aluminum rod
  • Lifting Capacity: 1-1/2 pounds
  • Telescopic Reach: Extends to 25-9/16" long