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About this item:

  • OFFSET KEY SPACER FUNCTION: So, after you've gone through and ensured that all of the keys are square on top, you should go through and ensure that the spaces between the keys are even. The Offset Key Spacer is a handy tool for adjusting the spacing between keys.
  • UNIQUE OFFSET KEY SPACER TOOL: Make sure they’re evenly spaced between the keys next to them, and when you bend the pin then a very unique and useful tool is this Offset Key Spacer and this one is made to use in a combination tool handle.
  • SPACING BETWEEN KEYS ADJUSTMENT: You'll need to bend the front rail pin just a little bit to alter the spacing between the keys, and you can do this on the white keys (it's a little easier to see on the white keys), but you can also do it on the black keys. When you attempt to adjust the front rail, you'll want to lift it up a little bit. So, push that up a little and bend the pin from underneath that front rail punching because otherwise, if you do it up on that section of the pin, you might scratch it and it won't be smooth.
  • PROPER KEY SPACING: When you place the tool on the pin, you will twist it. If the space is too large on the right and too small on the left, bend the pin to the right to pull that key closer to the next one to it, and just a couple times, you can see that it pulls that back about where it should be.
  • PIANO TECHNICIANS RECOMMENDED: The no. 1 offset key spacer tool recommended by most professional piano technicians when adjusting the spacing between keys.


Product Description:

The Offset Key Spacer is a useful tool in regulating the spacing between the keys. Make sure that when using this tool that you place the tool onto the base of the pin (the part that the Front Rail Felt sits on).

This tool is designed to be used with any of the Combination Tool Handles we offer in our store. These can be found in the Regulating Tools Section of our store. 



  • Product Type: Offset Key Spacer
  • Length: 6" long
  • Material: Chrome Plated
  • Manufacturer: USA Made


Below is a demonstration video of how to square and space the keys.