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About this item:

  • MUTE PIANO TREBLE SECTION: The Papp's Mute has a spring-loaded tweezer mechanism that makes muting the treble portion easier. It saves a lot of time while tuning an upright's treble section.
  • PROPER PIANO STRINGS MUTING: Close the mute and wedge it between two adjacent strings (for example, left and center). By opening the mute around the middle string, the left and right strings will be muted. Put the mute between the string and the adjacent string of the next note to mute simply the left or right string.
  • EASY TO USE ON PIANO STRINGS: You can use this tool to position it between the outside strings, between the second and third strings, or between any of the strings. As a result, it's a great tool to have. It comes with a small case to keep it in place.
  • BEST MUTING ANGLE: Insert the mute at an angle between the two hammers close to the one being played for best results, ensuring that the mute does not interfere with the hammer striking the strings. Great speed can be achieved with practice.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MUTING TOOL: When tuning the treble section of an upright, the Papp's Mute with spring-loaded tweezer action is a huge time saver. This is one of the most widely used tuning mute tools. It has a tweezer look to it. This is the only mute we use for upright treble tuning, and we highly advise all tuners to use it.


Product Description:

According to Fletcher and Newman Ltd, Papp's tuning wedge is "the world's fastest muting wedge." This tweezer-style mute was designed in 1886 by Papp (of Papp and Son, piano builders in Portsmouth, UK). It's utilized on uprights to prevent any two strings of a trichord from sounding by applying outward pressure from the spring action. When it comes to muting strings when tuning, this tool is quite useful.



  • Product Type: Treble Mute
  • Material: Made of Nylon
  • Size: 8 inches (Overall Length)
  • Inclusion: Case included
  • Tool Design: Tweezer design
  • Manufacturer: Papp and Son