Piano Bench Lid Support

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 About this item:  

  • HOLDS LID OPEN: This item is used to attach to a piano bench to support the lid. It is designed with a notch so that the lid can be supported while getting music out without putting pressure on the hinges of the bench. 
  • SMALL COMPACT DESIGN: Does not take up the storage space in your piano bench compartment.  
  • MATERIAL: The lid support hinge is made from brass hardware.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Easy-to-follow installation instructions. The smaller flat piece with the two screw holes is installed to the interior of the music compartment, while the larger flat piece attaches to the lid of the piano bench. When the lid is open, the screw in the music compartment fits into the notch, keeping the lid open. Screws are included to attach to your piano bench.


Product Description: 

This item is used to support the lid of a piano by attaching it to a piano bench. It has a notch in it so that the lid can be held while getting music out without placing strain on the bench's hinges. Screws are included.



  • Product Type: Lid Support (Piano Bench) 
  • Material: Brass Hardware 
  • Length: 6 inches (Total Length)
  • Included Components: Screws included