Piano Bridle Straps - Standard Style - Set of 90

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About this item: 

  • STANDARD STYLE FITTINGS: Replacing piano bridal straps usually on uprights, and pianos that have been around a long time the bridal straps wear out and they break. Perfect for new actions or replacement. 
  • BRIDAL STRAP FUNCTION: The bridle strap's purpose is to make removing and reinstalling the piano action easier. The straps prevent the whippens from dangling loosely, which can cause them to catch on the key capstans and break when the action is reinstalled in the piano. The straps can also assist the hammers in returning to rest in a sluggish or poorly regulated action. 
  • NEW PIANO ACTION SET: A new set of bridle straps is an important step in restoring an upright piano action. With a full set of bridle straps, the technician can remove the actions for repairs and then return them to the piano without the hassle of blocking hammers. It's a job worth learning how to do properly. 
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of regulation braid with spring clip and red Fabrilite tips. High quality, preferred by piano technicians. 
  • BEST PRICE OFFER: We offer the most affordable price for set of 90 standard style piano bridal straps. Add to your cart now! 

Product Description: 

Professional Piano Bridle Straps – Standard Style has leather at the end with a hole that hooks onto the wire and then at the other end you can see, it’s just a strap with no cork or a clip on the other end.  New quality straps with regulation braid and red Fabrilite. The bridle strap is one of a couple of pieces that help the hammer come back to rest after a note is played on an upright piano. The bridal strap holds the action of the piano together to protect it when it’s removed from the piano. 



  • Product Type: Bridle Straps (Standard style) 
  • Quantity: Set of 90 
  • Color: Beige and Red 
  • Manufacturer: USA Made