Piano Center Pin Extracting/Repinning Tool

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About this item:

  • PIANO CENTER PIN: The pins on the flanges in the piano action components can become loose or tight depending on the environment and other conditions. If the action centers are too tight, they may need to be loosened, or a larger pin replacement may be required if the action centers are loose. This piano repair tool is designed to remove and replace center pins quickly.
  • REMOVE AND REPLACE PIANO CENTER PINS: One side of the piano center pin extracting/repinning tool contains a pin for simply pushing the old pins out when removing and replacing them. The other side is flat, allowing you to press the new pin flush with the flange's side. This spring-loaded tool makes pin replacement quick and simple.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from a lightweight aluminum casting with brass nut holding.


Product Description:

The center pin extracting/repinning tool features a pin on one end for removing the old pin and a flat end on the other for pushing in the new pin, so it can serve dual purpose. On one side, a replaceable pin punch removes center pins; on the other side, a solid press inserts new pins.

Replacement pin available 



  • Product Type: Extracting/Repining Tool
  • Measurement: Approx. 4" wide, 4-1/2" high
  • Material: Lightweight aluminum casting
  • Manufacturer: USA made