Piano Damper Wire Regulator

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About this item:

  • DAMPER WIRE REGULATOR UNIQUE TOOL: This is a small tool used to loosen the felt bushing that surrounds the damper wire and ease the wire. This tool is important for both new and old pianos.
  • WIRE REGULATOR WIDE FUNCTION: Several notes away from the one to be adjusted are inserted between the hammer shanks. As needed, wire can be bent forward, backward, or to the side.
  • ANGLE VARIATION AVAILABLE: Our store offers angle variation that you can choose from. Please choose from the available damper wire regulator angles: 45 degree Damper Regulator and Straight Damper Regulator.
  • REGULATE PIANO DAMPER WIRE: This allows the damper wires to be adjusted without removing the action. When a key is pressed, the "action" of the piano causes hammers to strike the strings.


Product Description:

This tool is designed so that the damper wires can be regulated by putting the tool between the hammer shanks on a vertical piano. This is useful in being able to regulate the damper wires without having to remove the action. Available with either a 45 degree slot or a straight slot. 

This tool is designed to be used with any of the combination tool handles we have available. 



  • Product Type: Damper Wire Regulator
  • Material: Chrome Plated
  • Size:7 inch long
  • Angle Variation: 45 degree Damper Regulator, Straight Damper Regulator
  • Manufacturer: USA Made