Piano Downbearing Check Gauge

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About this item:

  • DOWNBEARING PRESSURE: The pressure applied downward by the piano strings across the soundboard bridge is known as downbearing. This pressure enables the bridge to transfer energy from the vibrating strings to the soundboard efficiently.
  • HOW TO USE: Place the gauge's center prong on the string between the bridge pins. Observe how much "rock" develops when the end prongs are aligned over the same string. A negative bearing problem exists if the gauge cannot be "rocked" on either side of the bridge and must be adjusted.
  • CORRECTING THE DOWNBEARING: The bridge must be higher than the two termination points and placed at the right height for the down bearing to be correct. Excess bearing will kill the soundboard's amplification power, just as too little bearing would result in a weak tone.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL/MEASUREMENT: Gauge is brass and measures 1-1/2" wide x 3-3/4" long.


Product Description:

This piano downbearing check gauge is a useful tool for restringing technicians because it provides a quick, accurate, and visual demonstration of bridge bearing.



  • Product Type:
  • Material: Solid brass
  • Measurement: 1-1/2" wide x 3-3/4" long
  • Manufacturer: USA Made