Piano Repair Parts Kit

Howard Piano Industries

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This is an assortment of 18 different piano repair parts - one of each.  The purpose for this kit is to provide you with an assortment of some of the most commonly needed piano repair parts.  They are handy to have to try out a part so you know which part you'll need before ordering a whole set.  These are mostly for vertical pianos, but some are for upright and some for console or spinet pianos.  Each of the parts is individually packaged and labeled and this assortment includes a list of the parts with the corresponding Item number so you can easily identify the different parts.  Here is a list of the parts included:

  • Spinet Piano Drop Lifter Elbow
  • Donut Rubber Lifter Grommet
  • Square Rubber Lifter Grommet
  • Upright Piano Jack Spring
  • Spinet & Console Piano Jack Spring
  • Small Cork Bridle Strap
  • Medium Cork Bridle Strap
  • Large Cork Bridle Strap
  • Clip On Bridle Strap
  • Standard Bridle Strap
  • Hammer Shank Repair Sleeve
  • Metal Tuning Pin Bushing
  • Asian Type Hammer Butt Spring
  • Short Tail Hammer Butt Spring
  • Long Tail Hammer Butt Spring
  • Spinet Hammer Butt Spring
  • Damper Lever Spring
  • Upright Hammer Shank