Pierce Piano Atlas - 13th Anniversary Edition

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About this item:

  • COMPLETE AND AUTHORITATIVE COMPILATION EDITION: Over 12,500 names have been authoritatively expanded, enlarged, and updated in the 2017 Anniversary edition, allowing quick access to serial numbers, dates of manufacture, factory locations, a brief history of many firms, and other significant information. It is the most comprehensive and authoritative collection of factual, historical piano information ever published. This one-of-a-kind publication has taken a lifetime to create.
  • INVALUABLE BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The Pierce Piano Atlas includes background information that will help you learn about a piano manufacturer's history so you can make informed buying and selling decisions.
  • BIBLE OF THE PIANO BUSINESS: This one-of-a-kind reference work is known as the "Bible of the Piano Business" and is not only a valuable source of knowledge for everyone working in the piano industry, but also a fascinating read. The 400+ pages are packed with interesting black and white (although low resolution) photos of numerous piano types and manufactures. The final section features fascinating piano-related tidbits of knowledge, as well as a collection of historic photographs.
  • WIDELY USED PIANO BOOK EDITION: This book is used by museums, libraries, appraisers, piano teachers, antique dealers, piano restorers, piano refinishers, piano salesmen, piano and organ dealers, piano tuners/technicians, used piano buyers, and anyone else interested in pianos.
  • ALL ABOUT THE BOOK AUTHOR: W. R. (Bob) Pierce spent 68 years in the piano and organ business and was internationally known as "Mr. Piano". His son, Larry Ashley, who joined the business in 1963, spent over 20 of those years working with his father in their Mr. Piano Salon. Bob collaborated with N. E. Michel on the first Atlas published in 1947. In 1963 Bob and Larry assumed sole ownership and expanded the Pierce Piano Atlas to include international brands. The 13th edition of the Atlas is now updated and published by Larry E. Ashley.


Product Description:

The Pierce Piano Atlas is widely regarded as the world's most authoritative source of information about piano manufacturers, both past and present. More than 12,000 piano names are referenced in the Atlas. Serial numbers for thousands of piano brand names, dates of pianos were created, manufacturing locations, and a brief history of piano firms are displayed for over 750 piano manufactures. No other directory provides such a wealth of data, and it is recognized as an international resource. It has the most up-to-date information published.



  • Edition: 13th edition
  • Year Published: 2017
  • No. of Pages: 448 pages
  • Language: English
  • Book Format: Hardcover or Paperback
  • Author: Bob Pierce
  • Published by: Larry E. Ashley