Protek Prolube

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Protek Prolube is a polymer spray lubricant which is designed for use on high friction areas like the keybed and keyframe.  Works great for lubricating keypins also.  Comes in a 4 oz spray bottle.

Keypins can be a primary source of excess friction in the key travel.  Polishing and lubricating keypins is one way to help reduce the excess friction which can make an action feel sluggish.

** Important note: Because this product is flammable, it cannot be shipped outside the US.  No International shipping on this product. For US shipping through USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail there may be significant delays in the shipping of this product because of the special handling requirements.  In some cases packages can take 3-4 weeks to arrive because of this.  To ensure your package arrives in a normal timeframe, you may want to consider choosing Fedex Ground as your shipping option if your order contains Protek CLP or Protek Prolube.**