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About this item:

  • SINGLE NEEDLE VOICING TOOL FUNCTION:  With time and use, most pianos become more brittle and harsh sounding. The majority of voicing requests are for pianos that are softer and have a broader body. The needles in a needling tool are simply placed into the piano hammer. The insertion of the needle "fluffs" the hammer felt, making it less compressed, because piano hammers are made of felt stretched and glued around a wooden hammer moulding. The needle acts to give increased body or sustain in other sections of the hammer head.
  • DESIGNED FOR GRAND PIANO HAMMERS: This voicing tool is designed to fit down between the strings of a grand piano, so if you just want to do some final touch up voicing to a few hammers, this easily reaches down between the strings of a grand piano.
  • HANDY SINGLE NEEDLE PIANO TOOL: If you are doing grand piano voicing, this is a great tool to have because you can voice it without removing the action.
  • REPLACEABLE NEEDLE: The set screw holds the needle in place so that it can be replaced if it breaks. If you are getting one of these needle voicing tools, it is a good idea to acquire several replacement needles so that if one breaks, you will have some spares. It has a tool on the end for loosening and tightening the set screw.


Product Description:

This Single Needle Voicing Tool is used for voicing individual hammers on grand pianos without pulling out the action. The 8 inch long brass rod is 3/16 in diameter and has an angled tip. The cap has a hex wrench for easy needle removal.

Replacement needles available here in our store.

To see a demonstration video of all of our piano voicing tools click here to visit the video demo page on voicing tools.



  • Product Type: Needle Voicing Tool
  • Material: Brass rod
  • Length: 8 inch long
  • Diameter: 3/16 inch