Spinet Piano Hammer Shanks

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About this item: 

  • SPINET PIANO FEATURES: Spinet pianos are short upright or vertical pianos. They were designed to be a counterpoint to the larger, heavier full-sized upright pianos. While they typically featured 88 keys, their small size (about 36 inches in height) severely harmed the piano's sound. Because of the compact size, most of the functioning parts were below the level of the keys, making the action unique from ordinary vertical pianos. 
  • HARDWOOD QUALITY MATERIAL: This Spinet piano hammer shanks is made of hardwood maple. The wood is hard and heavy with good strength properties. In particular, it has high resistance to abrasion and wear. It also has good steam-bending properties. 
  • REPLACE BROKEN SHANKS: When restoring a piano, it's becoming more popular to replace the hammer shanks. The pianist will notice their ability to control their touch at this point in the action. The pianist will not be able to control how strongly the hammer shanks strike the strings when they are worn out. Even when they're attempting to play softly, it often sounds like they're pounding on the piano. Designed especially to replace broken shanks. 
  • QUANTITY VARIATION OFFER: We offer a set of quantities to choose from. Available in a set of 6 or a set of 100 Spinet piano hammer shanks. 
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We give you excellent after-sales support. If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours with an ideal solution. 


Product Description: 

The product is a piano hammer shanks for spinet pianos and made of hardwood maple. Designed especially to replace broken shanks. A spinet piano is a very small upright piano. Spinet pianos can be identified by their height. Finest quality. Repair your old spinet piano shanks that have warped over time. 



  • Product Type: Spinet Piano Hammer Shanks 
  • Material: Made of Hard Maple 
  • Diameter: 3/16" Diameter 
  • Length: 4-1/4" Long 
  • No. of Set: Set of 6 and Set of 100.